Best Hair Fall Treatment by Dr Khurram Musheer

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Best Hair Fall Treatment by Dr Khurram Musheer

This hair fall treatment is very useful and best treatment for hair fall, hair growth, dandruff, dry and damaged hair. With this oil hair treatment, your hair growth will double, and hair texture will be soft, shiny and luscious.


  1. Olive oil or sesame oil or mustard oil – 4 tbsp (warm)
  2. Banana -2 boiled and mashed with skin
  3. Egg – 1
  4. Cooked green tea – 1 cup
  5. Onion – 1 mashed
  6. Yogurt – 2 tbsp
  7. Walnuts – 2
  8. Tomato – 1 mashed
  9. Saffron – 1 pinch


Mix all above ingredients in warm oil, apply on hair, massage and wrap with towel, leave for an hour then wash with shampoo which has zinc paraffin, selenium or Ketoconazole. For better result, use this treatment twice a week.


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