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Al Karam Lawn Latest Collection 2013

alkaram lawn

Al karam Textiles launched their dazzling spring/summer al karam lawn collection. This collection is inspired by rich and natural colors which will be used for our transitional season portraying various moods in form of their prints.
Every theme is an exploration in design and color inspired by seven beautiful selected moods. The iconic collection has baroque detailing that explores nature in its various shades and colors. With flowing patterns and novel cuts, the collection has a competitive edge.
A wide array of distinct themes is made available in one collection which includes Summer Tribes, Vintage Collection, Intricate Patterns, Hand Crafted, Avant Garde, Nouvelle Collection and Splendor Shade.
al karam lawn 8Al Karam Lawn 3al karam lawn 5Al Karam Lawn 2al karam lawn 4al karam lawn 7Al Karam Lawn 1al karam lawn 6


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