wrinkle cream and diet

wrinkle diet in urdu

wrinkle cream in urdu

Best Anti-Aging Cream by Dr Khurram with Diet 

Anti aging cream by dr khurram. Pre mature aging effects on your skin is inevitable. Environmental factors and stress further contribute to this process. But you can significantly control the damage to your skin. A major component of your skin is collagen, a fibrous protein that gives skin its elastic quality. With age, collagen fibers start to break down, and reduce this elasticity.

Eat healthy Diet

A healthy diet is as important for your skin as for the rest of your body.  Many foods, including fruits such as apples, berries and prunes, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, tea, and fish were associated with reduced development of wrinkles. In addition, you must drink adequate water, exercise, and take cod liver oil capsule 3 times a day with butter milk or milk and sleep regularly for your skin to glow.

Use of Anti-Aging creams

The importance of diet and lifestyle for your skin cannot be overlooked. But you can get just that little bit of extra benefit by using the right kind of anti-aging creams.


  1. Kojic acid cream – 20gm
  2. Lactic acid powder – 20gm
  3. Vitamin E lotion – 20gm
  4. Lemon juice – 2 lemons
  5. Ispaghool husk – 2 tbsp
  6. Fresh cream – 2 tbsp


  • Add kojic acid cream, lactic acid powder, vitamin E lotion, lemon juice and ispaghool husk in a blender, blend well.
  • Then add fresh cream and blend for 1 second, then keep in fridge and apply everyday on face twice a day.
  • You can apply under the makeup as well.

Homemade anti aging soap

  1. Kojic acid cream
    Lactic acid powder
    Vitamin E lotion
    kindly in chezon k bare men explain karen ye sub kahan se milen gi Ishall be very thankful to you.

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