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Beading How to use Crimp Beads

Beading How to use Crimp Beads

Beading How to use Crimp Beads

When connecting your beaded strings to clasps, crimp beads make the process easy and the connection secure. That process called beading how to use crimp beads.

What You Need:
•    Wire cutters
•    Beading wire
•    Crimp beads
•    Crimping tool
•    Desired clasp


1. Gather the supplies listed, above.
2. Cut the beading wire to the length instructed in the project directions.


3. Thread a crimp bead on one end of beading wire, pass wire through the end of the desired clasp, and run wire back through the crimp bead in the opposite direction. (Note: The crimping tool has two notches, one to flatten the crimp bead and one to round out the flattened crimp.) Flatten the crimp bead firmly with a crimping tool.


4. Squeeze crimp bead again to round out the bead. Trim the end with wire cutters if needed.


5. After the wire is beaded, repeat Step 3 to attach the remaining piece of clasp.

6. Cut the wire ends close to the crimp beads and tuck the ends into the adjacent beads.

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