Baking Soda for Health Benefits

Baking Soda for Health Benefits

It is highly recommended to have use baking soda for health benefits and low occurrence of side effects.  Here are some medicinal Baking soda for health benefits, Sodium bicarbonate is considered one of the most potent antacid, so that consumption is generalized for stomach problems arising from poor or difficult digestion, so it is primarily used to treat heartburn and curb the occurrence of these acids and to ease stomach pains.

What are its medicinal properties?

  • Furthermore, it can help reduce difficult digestion following consumption of particular acids, fatty or heavy foods.
  • It is also recommended for the treatment of certain urinary disorders, such as in the case of urinary tract infections and even kidney stones, through balancing action of acids in the urine and blood.
  • The mouth and teeth can also benefit from the use of sodium bicarbonate. Mixed with toothpaste, it can become a powerful bleach, you can eliminate the problem of bad breath and reduce inflammation and gum problems.
  • From the dermatological point of view, it improves eczema, soothes burns and insect bites and eliminates skin fungi, primarily through topical, acting through a mixture of water and this compound.
  • Mainly consumed dissolved in water but can also be found in pill form. For a recommended and correct dose, and depending on the condition being treated, it is best to see a doctor to establish the recommended consumption amount in each individual case.

How can it be used on a culinary level?

  • Sodium bicarbonate has a widespread use in cooking for its multiple possibilities to prepare some recipes, especially in pastry.
  • The dose to be included in the dishes should be well considered, since an excess of bicarbonate ruin any culinary marvel adding an unpleasant taste.
  • It is used for making pastry masses for making biscuits, cakes, pies…giving air to the mass, as is the case with making purees.
  • Add a pinch of baking brings softness to creams. And the culinary ownership is that sodium bicarbonate, giving softness and lightness to all compositions.
  • It is widely used for cleaning ingredients and kitchen products. Fruits and vegetables tend to have dirt due to their contact with nature. A teaspoon mixed with water will help clean and disinfect all these products, although it should be noted that there are bacteria that are more resistant.
  • It is also used to soften the meat before and during the preparation process. If meat is tender and the removal of excess taste of it is desired, the use of bicarbonate may be a solution.
  • In the case of fruit and vegetables is also important to know that this compound will help eliminate odors and reduce bitter flavors and soften the texture of the pieces.
  • Always use a minimum amount of baking soda to not flavor to the product. Excessively acidic fruits like citrus, can reduce the acidity by using this compound.

Does your consumer have any disadvantages?

  • Like any drug compound, it may have some side effects but generally does not usually occur, even if the right doctor’s instructions are followed.
  • In case of any side effects after consumption, the individual must go directly to the doctor to check the symptoms and stop their use.
  • Some of these symptoms may include stomach pain, headache, dizziness and vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, urinary problems (irritation or bleeding).


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