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Beading Tools

Beading Tools
Round up beads and some basic supplies to prepare for just about any beading project.

Beading Tools

Beading tray
The plastic tray has channels in it to assist with bead arrangement.


Flush wire cutters
Cut wires of various thicknesses by clamping down on wire to create a smooth end.

Round-nose pliers
These pliers grab wire, which is wrapped around the nose of the pliers to form spirals in the wire.


Split ring pliers
This handy tool opens split rings.

Elastic cord
Created for making jewellery, this elastic is available in different sizes and comes in clear and limited colours.


Suede lacing
Available in a variety of colours, this lacing is flat with the rough surface of suede.


Round leather lacing
Available in several colours, this lacing is thin with a smooth surface.

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