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Elegant Beaded Tassel Tutorial

beaded tassel tutorial

Elegant Beaded Tassel Tutorial

Lovely and elegant, beaded tassels beautify doorknobs, drawer pulls, keys in locks, and anything else from which they dangle. Try this Step by step beaded tassel tutorial and make your keys e.t.c elegant.

What You Need:

•    Spool of .010-inch-diameter micro stainless-steel nylon-coated wire
•    Glass seed beads
•    8 medium-size ceramic beads
•    6 flat glass beads
•    12-inch length of 28-gauge wire
•    1–flat disk-shape bead
•    1–large ceramic bead
•    2–1/4-inch diameter round ceramic beads


  • 1. Cut twelve 11-inch lengths of nylon-coated wire. To begin each strand, slip one seed bead on the end of the wire and knot wire around the bead to secure the end.
  • 2. String 8 inches of seed beads on each wire. Knot the wire around the last seed bead and cut off the excess wire.
  • 3. Cut four 11-inch strands of wire. Begin with a seed bead, thread on a medium ceramic bead, and continue with seed beads; end with another ceramic bead and seed bead. Knot off the end. These strands should measure 9 inches.
  • 4. Cut three 10-inch lengths of wire. Begin and end these strands with a flat glass bead and seed bead. Make these strands 6 inches.
  • 5. Stack the 19 strands of beads together. Fold the piece of 28-gauge wire in half and slip around the center of all the strands of beads. Twist the wire together and push through the disk-shape bead, large ceramic bead, and one of the 1/4-inch round beads.
  • 6. For the loop string seed beads on each of the wire ends, stopping 1 inch from the ends. Bring the two wire ends together and slip them through the remaining 1/4-inch bead. Slip one of the wire ends around and back up through the bead. Finish off by twisting the wire ends together and flatten them against the top of the bead. Cut off the excess wire.

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