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Beauty Routine in Summer

Beauty Routine in Summer

Beauty Routin

The days get longer and your arms and legs begin to come to light in summer clothes and feet see the light after a winter locked in tights, boots and socks. This is a time to adapt your beauty routine to good weather. Don’t let summer catch you off guard and Beauty Routine in Summer.

Summer Skin Care Mask

Exfoliate your body

Exfoliate your body:

So if you use a self tanner and your plan is to soak up the sun on the beach, your tan will look much nicer and even on exfoliated skin. Do it in the shower once a week: it will not take even five minutes and you will appreciate the result.

Correctly apply self-tanner

Correctly apply self-tanner:

Always on moisturized skin, ex foliated and completely dry. Do it from the bottom up, starting with the feet and arms leaving the end. When finished, wash your hands thoroughly.

Moisturized hair

Moisturized hair:

Sun, sand, chlorine and sea salt make your hair dry out and become brittle and lose its luster. If you want to show your hair this summer, start now to use a moisturizing shampoo and a mask so that your hair does not suffer.

surfer waves

Surfer Waves:

The quintessential summer look, and look no easier to get. Once you’ve washed your hair, apply a small amount of foam from the tips gently squeezing it up, and let it air dry.

sun stains

Sun stains:

Solar radiation is mainly responsible for skin photo aging and staining. To prevent and treat them, do not forget your sunscreen during the day and night using a cosmetic refreshing, enlightening and anti-stain.

Beautiful feet

Beautiful feet:

Get used to taking care of your feet so you can wear your sandals and flip-flops with no problem. Exfoliate them in the shower and keep them well hydrated … and if you wear shoes that rub, apply an anti-friction stick to prevent blisters and wounds.

sun powder

Betting on sun powder:

This is the easiest way to get a healthy tone, flattering and natural all summer; a touch of brush before leaving home, and you’re ready.

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