Benefits of Ginger and CinnamonBenefits of Ginger and Cinnamon

Anoint your life with a touch of ginger and cinnamon: will stimulate your vital energy and your sensuality. Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Indians throughout history knew and reported their properties to raise passions and tone your body. There is every reason to give a touch of ginger and cinnamon to your life: health, love, beauty, joy … Where do you go to get started?

Do you know how to use these sensual spices in the kitchen? Here are some benefits of ginger and cinnamon:

Benefits of Ginger:

Ginger contains powerful antioxidants that tone our body and stimulate your brain. Here are some of its virtues:

  • It is a natural expectorant: Very useful against colds and flu.
  • Helps digestion: and also prevents vertigo and dizziness.
  • Fights aging and stress.
  • Is a natural painkiller: prized for treating migraines, sore throat and menstrual cramps.

Benefits of Cinnamon:

As for cinnamon, it is noteworthy that it possesses powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You know what it can do for you?

  • Improve blood circulation and reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Encourage a light digestion: an infusion of cinnamon after a binge is a good idea.
  • Stimulating the nervous system.
  • Have you ever burned your tongue? Suck a cinnamon stick and feel immediate relief.

Cinnamon and ginger share many kindnesses. You rejuvenate, strengthen your health, positivity and feel your senses awaken. They have been used for centuries to arouse passion, because they naturally activate the heart and desire.

Furthermore, extracts of cinnamon and ginger are a balm for your hair health, stimulating the scalp and prevents hair loss, nourishing it in depth: the hair grows and looks brighter and stronger.

  • If you are motivated to prepare a romantic, passionate and unforgettable evening, fresh ginger offers many possibilities. Take a grater at a time and enhance the flavor of meat, fish, vegetable soups and salads. A pinch of cinnamon sweetly perfumes exotic meats baked casseroles. Dare to give your dishes a different and seductive touch!
  • If you like, you can reserve it for dessert: ginger and cinnamon can spice up delicious cakes and enticing desserts.
  • Prepare ginger tea and cinnamon, filling the air with a warm and irresistible aroma. Heat water to boil, turn off the heat and add a teaspoon of fresh, peeled ginger and a cinnamon stick. Let it stand for ten minutes…and enjoy the feelings that are inspired by the delicious natural flavor!


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