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Benefits of Micellar Water

Benefits of Micellar Water

Benefits of Micellar Water. It cleans, removes makeup and tones. Three in one! This is the key to success of micellar water, a product that in just one step leaves you free of impurities, radiant and free of makeup.

Benefits of Micellar Water

No more having to use three different products to clean the skin, and something that many of us wish we had long ago: to deal with the laziness that has turned so many nights of taking off your make-up an arduous task.

So that you know all about this revolutionary product, we prepared this post in which we detail its main benefits for your skin and how application works.
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Micellar water formula

Its formula is water-based magnetic particles called micelles, which attract both water and fat that upon contact with the skin, trap all the dirt and leave no trace of impurities and waste. In addition, it repels moisture respecting the natural barrier of the skin, so leaves it much softer to the touch. It contains no fragrances or parabens, which makes the micellar water suitable for all skin types and even those more sensitive because it does not cause irritation and its formula is hypoallergenic.

Benefits of micellar water

  • The skin is completely clean from fat or makeup in just one pass.
  • Includes soothing and moisturizing ingredients that leave a great feeling of freshness in the face.
  • It does not irritate or cause itching.
  • It is ideal for cleaning sensitive skin.
  • Removes even the most difficult type of waterproof makeup.
  • Your continued application intensifies the action of cosmetic treatment that we use later.
  • It represents a significant cost savings by not having to invest in several products for our cleansing routine.

Micellar water

  • You can use water micellar many times as you like and turn it into the product you use for your daily routine for cleaning your face.
  • Ideally, use both morning and night to remove any dirt on the skin and traces of makeup.
  • Method of application: Moisten a cotton pad with micellar water and sees passing down your face giving little touches without rubbing or pressing too hard.
  • And if you want to remove the toughest of makeups, just let it stay on the area to be cleaned for a few seconds.
  • Once removed, you will see how your skin looks completely renovated.

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