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Best Cars for Women

Best Cars for Women

A car is essential to everyone’s needs in today’s world, but it isn’t only important for it to be able to transport you around, it also needs to look stylish. With that in mind, there are several makes and models that would suit any woman that would like to purchase a car, and doesn’t want to compromise on either style or function.

The details, as in life itself, are very important, that is why car manufacturers pamper their models and add aesthetic elements according to the tastes of the buyers. The following best cars for women, that we are going to show you, these details are clearly focused on the female audience, are vehicles with a “chic” touch ideal for getting lost in the urban jungle.

Best Cars for Women

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Renault Twingo

Best Cars for Women

Another French company that was not far behind is Renault, a company that worked with the Miss Sixty women’s clothing brand, bringing the spectacular Renault Twingo Miss Sixty to life.

Its Chic touch is reflected in two of its body versions in Pearlescent Black and Bohemian Pink shades, colors that mixed with the black color to give life to the interior of the vehicle while the dashboards and tachometer rings keep their details in pink. It is, without a doubt, one of the most recommended cars for women.

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Mini Cooper

The current Mini brand is also a clear focus of the female sector. Its careful and elaborate interior has a multitude of gadgets and its design makes us travel back in time to the original 1959 Minis classics. The current Mini range has a multitude of variants from the Mini 3 doors to the Mini Countryman, a model with a clear SUV approach of great habitability and with traction availability to the four wheels.

Mini is also highly valued by female tastes for the wide range of customization offered by the brand. You can turn your Mini into a unique vehicle thanks to the facilities provided by the English manufacturer and never breaking the original Mini design.

Citroën DS3

A great design in the body, high quality details and a lot of technology, are part of the characteristics of the cars of the French company Citroën.

This small car has a characteristic that makes it flashy, because it has a wide variety of colors to combine with the top and bottom of the vehicle.

If it is still not clear to you that the DS3 is a car for women, in 2017, this company presented an edition of this car with the prestigious French fashion house Inès de la Fressange.

New Toyota Aygo x-cite

Toyota has announced two world premieres for the Geneva Motor Show. Toyota Aygo will release two new special editions in the Swiss event named Aygo X-Cite and X-Style.

The Aygo X-Cite sports a bright orange color on its body accompanied by some black details such as the roof, the rear-view mirrors or the 15-inch alloy wheels, which come accompanied by fog lights and tinted rear windows.

Inside, that orange color is also present in places such as the side air conditioning outlets, the fabric upholstery, floor mats or the surroundings of the chrome shifter, accompanied by a black center console.

The X-Style for its part opts for a white color with details in an Orange Twist color and an electrically operated canvas roof, in addition to also having 15-inch wheels in this case in a light color, fog lights and tinted windows for the rear seats.

Inside the orange takes a somewhat smaller role in this version, accompanied on this occasion by white, although it does present a modern design in the seats. In addition to all this, these two versions come equipped with air conditioning, multi function steering wheel, height-adjustable driver’s seat and adjustable speed limiter in versions with manual transmission.

Fiat 500

Its curves, its elaborate design, its classic chic touch and its small measures, make this Italian car one of the favourites among women. It has also received many versions focused on women, including one of the well-known American Barbie doll.

The current Fiat 500 bases its design on the vehicle launched by the Turin manufacturer 60 years ago. An iconic car that largely motorised the Italian population alongside the mythical Vespa. Fiat, with a very intelligent strategic movement, brought this iconic car back to life with the latest technological advances.

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