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Easy Eye Makeup Tips

Easy Eye Makeup Tips

Easy Eye Makeup Tips

Eye makeup is the most important part of the makeup. This is where most of us struggle, but worry not today we are going to share some of the amazing eye makeup tips which will help you and make eye makeup easy for you. Today we will discuss what kind of brushes you need, how you can sculpt the perfect eyebrow.

Easy Eye Makeup Tips

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Brush Up:

Most of us use our finger to brush up our eyebrows. Yes, our fingers will do the job.  Remember it’s best to use the brushes, because they are better for lining, blending and building colour. Here are the three you really need:

Get Longer Eyelashes and Thicker Eyebrows: by Dr Khurram

Flat Shadow Brush

First of all we need to apply the base color. Flat shadow brush is ideal for the job. If you are working with powdered shadow, make sure that you use the brush which has super soft natural hair, for example sable or goat. To work with creams, you need to use a brush with silky synthetic bristles, such as nylon or taklon.

Blender Brush

Blender Brush is a perfect tool for shading creases. Because it’s fluffy and small it also helps in emphasizing the outer corners of eyes. It’s also perfect tool for blending shadows together.

Liner Brush:

Liner Brush is skinny and pointed. It’s a great help to work colour between the roots of lashes.7

Stunning Arches

It is also very important to take care of ungroomed brows. A neater version of your natural shape is soft and youthful. Her are three steps to get the right look.


Always use a tweezer instead of a wax strips because slanted-tip tweezer offer a level of precision which no wax strips can match. To avoid scary mistakes, it’s recommended to pluck one hair at a time instead of taking a row at a time. Taking too much off the top can drag down your brows. It will make your eyes look tired.

Trim Eyebrows


Brush your brows up by using a clean mascara brush. Now inspect them. If you find some hair grown uneven OR are too long, trim them. For that use a small scissors. Make sure that you only snip off just the tips of the hairs that grow beyond your shape.



Outline brows with a pencil that matches their colour. Now brush it in with a clean mascara brush. Pencilling in the entire brow will make it look dark and unnatural. Now dip an angled brush into brow powder and lightly stipple it on. Use quick, short strokes and blending as you go.

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