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CC Cream or Makeup with SPF?

CC Cream or Makeup with SPF

CC cream or SPF


What are they and how do they differ from the foundations with sunscreen? If you want to succeed in your choice, read on. CC Cream or Makeup with SPF?

CC Cream or Makeup with SPF

BB Creams, CC Creams , bases protected … So many products on the market, increasingly sophisticated, that sometimes impede our choice. They resemble, but are not equal nor are used for the same.

The CC Creams are a new cosmetic product that claim to be an ‘all in one’. Offer coverage being lightweight, oil-free, their ‘SPF’ is medium-high and are nutritious for the skin.

So, have they replaced the foundations with protection? No, they are different products. Do not forget that CC is still as (BB) a natural result, without clogging pores and especially for daytime use.

Anyone using this product searches as nurture deeper, prevent wrinkles and protect skin from the sun results. That is, for those looking for something more than the aesthetic result and require a product that meets most needs.

CC cream and SPF

Furthermore, the foundations have added a very important feature that is SPF UVA/UVB . Protect skin from the sun (try to choose one) and in turn made its aesthetic function. In short, each product fits times of day and different women.

If your purpose is aesthetic, use basic protection for a perfect finish. If, on the other hand, you require extra skincare and a more natural than the foundation makeup effect, use a CC Cream for daytime.

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