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Color Combinations for Apparel

color combinations for apparel

Beautiful color combinations bring out your personality. Usually people don’t see the material of the cloth but instead they see the color combination. We already uploaded a post related to color combinations for apparel, but this has more color options so you can stitch your dresses with the help of these ideas. You need to choose bright colors for summer and soft and soothing colors for winter collection.

Color Combinations for Apparel

  • Forest green color goes with orange, light brown and tan.
  • Egg yellow color goes with gray and light blue.
  • Brown color goes with light green, green and black.
  • Pink color goes with chocolate, brick-red, turquoise and gray.
  • Gray color goes with purple and pink.
  • Raspberry-red color goes with white, black and damask.
  • White color goes with dim cobalt blue
  • Brick-red color goes with black, sandy and gray.
  • Burgundy color goes with sandy, green and beige.
  • Lime green color goes with tan, brown, pink, dark orange, navy blue and gray.
  • Mint green color goes with brown, gray, navy blue, red, gray and tan.
  • Turquoise color goes with fuchsia, cherry red, tan, brown, creamy white and dark purple.
  • Navy blue color goes with baby purple, tan, brown, gray, yellow, orange, green and red.
  • Dark purple color goes with gray, turquoise, mint green and pale orange.
  • Dark blue colour goes with light purple, light lilac, red and white.
  • Tomato red color goes with mint green, creamy white and gray.
  • Olive green colour goes with tan, brown, gray, creamy white and black.
  • Cherry red color goes with blues, gray, pale orange and pale yellow.
  • Light brown color goes with creamy white, blue, green, purple and reds.
  • Dark orange color goes with pale yellow, forest green, brown and red cherry.
  • Lemon yellow color goes with brown, blue and gray.
  • Golden yellow color goes with gray, brown, blue, red and black.
  • Electric blue colour goes with golden yellow, tan, light brown, gray and silver.

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