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Cork Kitchen Organizer

This Cork Kitchen Organizer is an excellent idea if you need somewhere to store your address book, pens, notes, shopping list, pen, scissors, school notices, and anything else you would consider important enough to always have in your sight. Not only is the Cork Kitchen Organizer essential for any family, but it is also a good idea for your kids to have. Try it out and see how it works!

Cork Kitchen Organizer

You need:
  1. Design Pattern
  2. Clean, Empty Container (We used an Instant Ice Tea Container)
  3. 1/8″ Thick Cork (Comes in a Roll from your Craft Store)
  4. Red and Green Broad Tip Paint Markers
  5. Tacky Glue
  6. Thumb Tacks


  • Cut a piece of cork to fit around the container with a 1/2″ overlap. Spread tacky glue over the outside of the empty container and wrap cork around it with the seam at the back.
  • Run a bead of glue at the overlap to secure flap.
  • Print two Design Patterns.
  • Staple one print to a piece of cork and cut out around each piece.
  • Use paint markers to color the edges and front of each piece.
  • Let dry. Use second print to position cut out pieces on cork container.
  • Glue in place. (Thumb tacks can only be used where on design where cork is double thickness.

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