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Diet Plan for Joint Pain by Dr Khurram Mushir

Diet Plan for Joint Pain

Diet Plan for Joint Pain:

Before breakfast:

Take 1 glass of warm water with honey, Ispaghol Husk, lemon juice, lemon grass and Lahori salt.


Take oat cereal with almond, pistachio and mix fruit, along with green tea, tea, or coffee.

At 11 O’clock:

Take a plate of salad.


Lentil with 1 chapatti or lentil with boil rice.

In evening tea:

Papaya, low fat cheese, yogurt, pop corn, tea, fresh fruit juice, oat juice etc.


  • Take BBQ or grill fish or chicken, along with brown bread.
  • Take fruits and vegetables.
  • Take sweet dish some time.
  • Have dinner 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Take green tea before bedtime with nutmeg powder, lemon juice and carom seeds.
  • Make a habit to walk after dinner every day for 15 to 20.
  • Do knee hug exercise.


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