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DIY Orange Peel Face Mask

DIY Orange Peel Face Mask

DIY Orange Peel Face Mask

Its winter and one of the seasonal fruit is orange. Almost everyone likes orange because it has many health benefits. How many of us know orange peel is very useful for skin as well. Ok, here is a homemade skin revitalizing DIY orange peel face mask.

DIY Orange Peel Face Mask


  1.  Egg Yolk – 1
  2.  Honey – 1 tsp
  3. Fresh citrus (lemon, orange or lime) juice – 1/8 cup
  4. plain gelatin – 1 packet
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Mix egg yolk, honey, juice and gelatin together thoroughly, and apply to skin for 20 to 25 minutes.

Skin care benefit:

Navel oranges are a great source of AHAs and vitamin C, which are clinically proven to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. In this creation , “The egg yolk moisturizes and firms, the honey moisturizes and the citrus juice exfoliates the dead skin cells away, stimulating new cell production.”

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