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7 Healthy Eating Simple Rules

Healthy Eating Simple Rules

Healthy Eating Simple Rules: What is true for today, tomorrow it will not be because Nutrition is a field that is constantly investigated. Although, thankfully, there are a few things we can ensure. The recommendations about healthy eating, published in The New York Times, are based on advice from experts like Michael Pollan, author of several bestsellers on nutrition, and are suitable for healthy people without metabolic disorders. Before starting we want to make clear that any nutrients will also not be demonized and considered a miracle cure. Here are 7 Healthy Eating Simple Rules;Healthy Eating Simple Rules


  1. Try to keep your diet variety. These include fruits and vegetables, but also meat, fish, poultry and eggs that have not been processed. In other words, when you make the purchase, going long on the shelves of food prepared or modified foods. For example, choose brown rice instead of white rice. Whole grains instead of refined grains. And remember, it’s much better to eat two apples (whole and bites) that drink the same 27 grams of sugar in a glass of juice. Of course, everything has a limit. Pasta, for example, have to buy prepared. You’re not going to make you! Nor are you going to put to grind their own flour or extract your own oil. But if you try to eat less of this and other types of processed foods. We refer to foods such as white bread, chips or cookies. Also processed meats, whose consumption is, associated with worse health outcomes.Healthy Eating Simple Rules
  2. Whenever you can eat at home. It’s a good way to avoid processed ingredients and lets you keep track of everything you eat, with the added advantage that you can choose the flavours you prefer.
  3. Use without fear, when necessary in the preparation of food, salt and fats, including butter and oil. They are not the enemy! They make sure the food is tasty. The key here is moderation. Use what you need, without going crazy.
  4. When eating out, choose restaurants that prepare and develop all their dishes with fresh, not processed foods. Seriously, you’ll feel better if you avoid processed foods. When making purchasing avoid processed or refined foods. When making purchasing avoid processed or refined foods.Healthy Eating Simple Rules
  5. Drink water, preferably. Although it is permissible to take a little alcohol, coffee and other beverages. There are many studies showing that eating or drinking certain things prevent or cause cancer, and alcohol and coffee are usually included. But what it is sure (and no evidence) is that moderate consumption brings benefits.
  6. By the way, drinks with calories deserve the same treatment as the alcohol. This means that you should take them in moderation, even milk (which has no calories).It is better to take the fruit into pieces (whole) than in juices or shakes. It is better to take the fruit into pieces (whole) than in juices or shakes. And here also fall soft drinks, juices, smoothies, etc. You can have them at home, because it is normal that occasionally you feel like a drink, but you should not consume per system.
  7. Eat with others, especially with those that matter most to you, as often as possible. This has benefits beyond nutrition. You will strive to prepare the food, will choose healthy foods to worry about the health of others, eat more slowly to chat with them, and also eat happier to be accompanied.

Finally, remember that no food is bad and ban something has more disadvantages than benefits. So do not be too strict.

Credits: New York Times

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