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Fast Weight Loss Remedy by Tahira Mateen

Fast Weight Loss Remedy

Some time expensive medicines and gym cannot work for fast weight loss, but home remedies can do this. Try this fast weight loss remedy by famous chef Tahira Mateen and i am sure your will get better results instead of weight loss pills etc…

Fast Weight Loss Remedy 


  1. Pure honey – 1 cup
  2. Apple cider vinegar – ¾ cup
  3. Garlic – 250 g thinly chopped


  • Take a clean jar, add honey, vinegar and garlic, mix well and keep refrigerate.
  • Take every morning 2 tbsp before breakfast and after half an hour or an hour have breakfast.
  • Apple cider vinegar anyone can find in any big shop or store in Pakistan.
  • Many people have no idea about the benefits of cider vinegar that’s why it’s not available from small shops and cities.


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