Say Goodbye to the Blackheads, in most skins, especially the fat trend, blackheads are one of the most unsightly blemishes and annoying, especially in the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin. They begin to appear at puberty, and unlike acne, which usually disappears with age, tend to become more numerous as the years pass.

Why do I see? Because the pores are losing elasticity, the ability to shut out the impurities and maintain. If you keep them at bay, you can get it in just four steps.

aforementioned T-zone
The first is fundamental: clean your face daily. Wear makeup or not, do it always with a specific product for your skin and insisting on problem areas (such as the aforementioned T-zone).

strips for blackheads facial exfoliation

A second step, no less important, is the application of exfoliation and a mask purifying at least once a week; once your skin is thoroughly clean, use an exfoliating product.

If you have sensitive or delicate skin, avoid those with coarse and therefore give to eliminate dead cells and impurities that are deposited on the surface of the skin. Furthermore, treatment with a full clay-based mask white or red to cleanse, absorb excess oil and close the pore.

strips for blackheads

The third step is the use of specific strips for blackheads (they offer many firms, including Pond’s and Essence) that adhere to the skin, and when removed they take with them the blackheads. In ten minutes (the time it takes to dry), have clean pores and blackheads without trace.

Finally, especially if your skin is prone to imperfections, go once a month to your beauty salon or dermatologist for a thorough cleaning. You’ll notice the difference!


  1. I used to use Susan Lucci’s Youthful Essence Microdermabrasion and that product works great but it is a little pricey.

  2. Excellent article. Very comprehensive. The pore strips to pull the blackheads and gunk out, but like the article states, if you have sensitive skin it will cause inflammation, redness, irritatin, and minor breakouts.


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