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How to Deal with Joint Pain

 How to Deal with Joint Pain

How to Deal with Joint Pain

The joint pain is widespread, especially among women. We can tell you how to deal how to deal with joint pain. A large number of people suffer from joint pain, a problem that increases as the years go by. Women, especially, may suffer more with the arrival of menopause, due to hormonal changes. These disturbances come with wear of the joint cartilage over time, leading to the ends of the bones being less protected and friction causes discomfort and
pain. The practice of some sports is also a risk factor for the onset of pain as the joint overload is just taking its toll.

Keys to avoid discomfort:

  • Practice Moderate exercise on a regular basis. Start today to pamper your joints with practices such as walking, swimming or cycling.
  • Avoid running or jumping, which cause even more damage.
  • If you do intense exercise, rest periods are important for the joints to recover.
  • Do gentle stretching every day. It will help keep joints in good shape.
  • Beware of gaining weight. The extra weight can cause overload and increase wear.
  • Incorporate healthy posture habits. Walk straight, sit up straight, lifting objects from the floor by bending the knees and do not take much weight.
  • According to the sport you play, avoid strikes using ankle, shin guards, etc.
  • Help yourself to food supplements with collagen. This is the main protein of our joints, which, over the years, the body loses the ability to produce, helps maintain joint mobility and flexibility.
  • In addition, some supplements for sportsmen incorporate minerals like magnesium.
  •  How to Deal with Joint Pain

When to go to the Doctor:

  • If you start to feel discomfort, consult your pharmacist or doctor.
  • The doctor will perform a physical exam and a medical history with symptoms. Which joint hurts?
  • How does the pain come from? Is it constant or intermittent?
  • Is it worse at rest or in motion? Do you have other symptoms? Do you feel stiffness in the joint?
  • The tests that can be performed include blood tests, x-rays…
  • To see a doctor, do not wait until the pain has increased. If in three days the pain’s not better, consult your doctor. Also go if you have a fever, you’ve┬álost weight unintentionally or you have swelling and joint pain is intense but you don’t know where it’s from.

Team up with DIET:

  • Good diet will be your greatest ally to help keep bones, cartilage and tendons young longer.
  • Proteins are essential to strengthen the joints. Collagen is the main protein of our joints and is present in white meat and red fish.
  • Vitamin C also contributes to normal collagen formation. Meanwhile, vitamin A is needed for strong tissue and D strengthens bones.
  • MINERAL. Fill your diet with foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and fluoride.
  • Hydrate. Drinking water helps keep joints in shape.
  • Avoid refined foods, too much sugar, coffee or alcohol. A cleansing diet will help remove waste from the body such as heavy metals (mercury, for example) and other toxins.
Diet Plan for Joint Pain

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