How to Decorate a House with Blue & White

The Mood of Blue and White Rooms

Learn how to decorate a house with Blue & White, one piece of caution I have for you regarding decorating in blue and white is to be careful not to overdo the blue. Blue is known for being a calming, soothing, relaxing colour, and it will automatically do exactly that to the atmosphere of the room you bring it into! Therefore, blue is best for bedrooms and bathrooms, where the atmosphere should be tranquil and peaceful. Choose your color and placing of the colour wisely. Too saturated of a blue can seem so low-key that it can actually feel depressing or saddening (hence the musical genre: “the Blues”).

How to Decorate a House with Blue & White

Too dark or too much of blue will make a room frigid or icy, dark or dim. Blue is on the “cool” side of the colour wheel, along with green and purple, so it is best in rooms that are naturally warm, sunny, and cheerful. Shades of turquoise blue or sea blue are wonderful because they have a bit of yellow added to their blue, and yellow is a warm colour. With lighter colours of blue I like a creamier white instead of shocking snow-white because this also “warms” up the colour tone of the room.

White is known for purity, cleanliness, innocence, health, sanitation, and sterilization. For this reason, white is great in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and craft rooms! Add a bit of navy blue to your white and you’ll get an atmosphere that is pure, refreshing, and soothing.

Colour your home with beach inspiration.

Blue & white never dates… it’s a classic look filled with elegance and style.  This look echoes warmth, comfort and the memories of seaside joy…  its relaxation, comfy living and timeless décor.

Think beach house… and I bet you instantly think blue and white.  The classic white look never dates. We love white because you can mix it, match it and dress it up or down!  White looks great, with shades of white, or blend with splashes of colour.

Style Recipes…

It’s basically an inspirational look that our collection of products is formed around. We take the colors of the sea, the sky, the sand, the feel of a house or a room… and then apply the same ideas to our home.

This makes decorating your place easy to achieve.

The Basics: must have elements to get your tropical look right..

For all of our looks to get it right, blend with fabulous white pillar candles, glass hurricane lanterns, and white starfish, and loose seashells, vases of driftwood, fresh flowers, wooden furniture and soft white cotton accessories.  Make sure you have eye catching art, great objects and most importantly an organised, clutter free space.  The whole point of beach style is it’s relaxing…

These rooms employ the whole spectrum of blues, from delicate sky to the deepest, boldest navy, evoking moods ranging from tranquil to vibrant.
The blue colour has just a touch of aqua and grey that makes it not seem too moody or cold: a very cheerful blue during most hours of the day!
Thinking about decorating your room in blue and white? This colour union is a match mirrored in the sky and clouds, the snowy mountains, the ocean and breaker waves. Perhaps this sympathy with nature is why blue and white decorating schemes have always been popular.

Blue and White Dining Room

The dining room is a dark turquoise-blue on the upper half of the walls, and has a black dining table. This colour was common in the richly dressed gentlemen and ladies into the plantation’s mansion looking for refreshment in a cool.


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