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Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Red, White and Blue

A scheme composed of primary colors — red, blue, and yellow — is always popular in a child’s room. Here they are used in their boldest, truest forms, with red and blue doing a balancing act, while yellow takes the role of accent color.

Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas


A well-designed room will contain accessories that support the overall color scheme. Notice how this fanciful chess set works with the rest of the room.


Victorian Suite

Inspired by the movie Moulin Rouge, this teen room features hanging lanterns, a tufted headboard, festive curtains and gold accents. The bed’s canopy is transformed with five yards of gold fringed lace and the bed posts are wrapped with blue sparkle fabric and gold vines.

Ultra Mod

This clean and sophisticated teen room is anything but ordinary! Orange circles echo the shape of the plastic cup ball that hangs from the ceiling and the light reflection window hanging. Silver spray-painted cabinets, star bead lampshades, beaded frames and mini rug squares pull the look together.


Down to Earth Decor

This room has four looks in one. It has been divided into different areas and painted to represent the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. It’s a colorful scheme with lots to interest and amuse children.


Classic Jurassic

This colorful baby’s room has vibrant walls, a heavy crib and a fun dinosaur theme running through it. The colors are warm, the patterns bold and the overall feel inviting, happy and comfortable.


Climbing Retreat for Two

Fresh blues, lots of silvery-Gray woodwork and an indoor climbing wall provide plenty of exercise to a young mind and body. The scheme is fun and refreshing without being childish. This is a room that a child can enjoy well into adolescence.


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