How to Increase Breast Size with Natural Way

How to Increase Breast Size with Natural Way ? You are unsatisfied with your breast size and would like to feel more confident about yourself. Having firmer, larger and perkier breasts is every woman’s aspiration. Without these attributes, many women have feelings of inadequacy, which leads to reduced self-confidence. To increase breast size, water and oil massage is a very good source.

How to Increase Breast Size with Natural Way:

For Cold Breast Massage Oil you need:

  1. Disposable cup – 1
  2. Lemongrass oil
  3. Cypress oil
  4. Spearmint essential oil
  5. Black pepper essential oil
  6. Jojoba oil
  • Massage the breasts with an ice cup while sitting in a warm bath.
  • To make an ice cup, freeze a paper cup of water, rip an inch off the top and use the rest of the cup as a handle.
  • If the ice is too cold, splash your breasts with cold water from the tap instead.
  • After the ice treatment, massage in oil made from lemongrass, cypress and spearmint essential oils mixed with black pepper essential oil in a jojoba oil base.
  • The combination of ice massage and essential oils will lift and firm the breasts and make them appear larger.
  • Also do Dumbbell Press exercise for fast and effective results.


  1. from where can i get these oils?i have searched in nearby stores, they even don’t know their names..i am living in karachi…plz help me out


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