crunch kulfi

Make delicious Crunch Kulfi recipe with crunch almonds..

Crunch Kulfi

Shared by Marium Hamid


  1. Milk 1 kg
  2. Sugar – 1/2 cup
  3. Fresh cream – 1 cup
  4. Khoya – 3 tbsp
  5. Corn flour – 2 tbsp
  6. Green cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Ingredients For Crunch:

Sugar – 6 ounce
Almond – 2 ounce
Make crunch with almond and sugar.


  • First pour milk, sugar cook it with low temperature, until it remains half.
  • Now put the saturated cornflour, khoya, cook it well when the mixture becomes thick, then take take it out and cool it.
  • Now add fresh cream, chopped green cardamom.
  • Then make the kulfi in ice cream machine.
  • When it becomes set then take it out from machine.
  • Now mix the crunch.
  • Then put the almonds on kulfi and freeze it for 12 hours.



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