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Perfect Remedy for Pimples Acne

Best and perfect remedy for pimples, acne, freckles and color complexion. Easy to make and worth it to use.

Perfect Remedy for Pimples, Acne, Freckles and colour complexion

For this you need to make scrub:

  1. Fuller earth
  2. Almond
  3. Dry mint
  4. Dry fresh coriander
  5. Barley
  6. Dry rose petals or jasmine petals
Take all above ingredients in equal quantity and grind, make powder form and store in a clean and dry jar. Whenever you need to use, add some glycerine and rose water, make a paste and massage on face like scrub. Then apply cream.

For cream:

  1. Vitamin C tablet – 2
  2. Vitamin E capsules – 2
  3. Kojic acid cream – 5 gm
  4. Hydroquinone cream – 5gm
  • Mix and apply in the morning and evening.
  • Your face will be clean and fair.


perfect remedy for pimples


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