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Lose Weight without Dieting

Lose Weight without Dieting

To maintain a healthy and balanced body is not necessary to look far in strict methods, but to find a formula that takes the body to a healthy routine. To do this, you need to follow some simple guidelines, but that people should follow in an aware and under a certain degree of commitment, based on healthy eating and consistent exercise.

Lose Weight without Dieting

daily exercise

Exercising daily

The commitment to leave the sedentary lifestyle is one of the fundamental bases for maintaining weight loss and help the body maintain its strength and vitality. No need to crush the body and take it to the limit, simply a brisk walk for an hour a day, can help to strengthen the muscles and losing fats that accumulate in the body daily with a balanced diet.

All can contribute, as long as free time engages in activities that are an effort. Some of the exercises that help burn calories are indoor cycling or also called spinning, skating, water activities among which include swimming or water aerobics, among others. May be done in specialized centres and other outdoor, which will also help to unwind and breathe some fresh air.

To avoid a sedentary lifestyle, the best practice is to occupy as much as possible out, to avoid sitting in front of the TV and snacking downtime kill something, which is often more common than it should be.

Drink plenty of water

Healthy Eating:

Drink plenty of water and herbal teas:

Water is the lifeblood that helps detoxify the body of impurities that accumulates and is the most complete moisturizing and nutrients that exists. The human body needs to eat a day between a liter and two liters of water to recover the losses that will occur throughout the day, especially when you exercise regularly and when temperatures are higher. Also, water helps fill the gaps between hours trying to make up with snacks, giving the feeling of being fuller. It is advisable to take roughly amounts stipulated.

Consumption of fiber foods

Consumption of foods rich in fiber:

Fruits and vegetables are the best allies to maintain a healthy body. Should not be removed from other foods, but basically should be an impact on this type of food that regulate intestinal transit and promote rapid digestive process, providing many essential nutrients. Grains are also recommended, comprehensive source of fiber.

heavy and saturated fats

Minimising heavy meals, heavy and saturated fats:

Processed foods composed of fat and sugar, fast food and fatty foods provide few nutrients and calories promote enrolment difficult to remove.

Remove alcohol

Remove alcohol from the diet:

Alcohol is one of the number one enemies of a healthy diet. They do not provide any health benefit and yet are the first liquids providing lots of calories.

avoid fried foods

Using simple cooking techniques:

Avoiding fried food avoids lots of fats. Foods have the property of absorbing large oils and fats fast and all this goes to the human body. There are alternative methods that help remove excess cooking fats such as baked, steamed or grilled. This always generates some refusal because it seems to offer few alternatives for flavors and other possibilities, but it should have the opposite effect. To give some body other aromas or flavors is as easy as adding spices or natural flavorings such as herbs and a drizzle of olive oil in oil. A fish or a piece of meat by these methods may offer more possibilities and bring more nutrients and tastes real, that it offers a method with more fats.

 5 meals a day

Keeping pace with meals:

It is necessary to keep a steady pace of meals, smaller meals more often. This means that you can try to fool around the eye through the use of smaller plates, but without forgetting to eat five times a day. For those who exercise regularly, quantities, with restraint, not a problem.

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