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How to Make Rocky Road Crunch Bar: English – Urdu Recipe

rocky roads crunch bar


How to Make Rocky Road Crunch Bar

Kids’ favourite food is chocolate and marshmallows, so why not try yummy crunchy bars with the mixture of chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits… kids will love it…..


  1. Butter – 125gm
  2. Golden syrup – 3 tbsp
  3. Grated chocolate – 300gm
  4. Merry biscuits – 200gm chop roughly
  5. Icing sugar – 4 tsp
  6. Small sizes of marshmallows – 100gm or 1 cup
  7. Icing sugar – as required for dusting


Take a pan; add butter and golden syrup, heat up just for few sec. Then add shredded chocolate and heat up on low heat until chocolate is soft. Now take off of the flame and put it in the bowl. Add roughly chopped biscuits, icing sugar and marshmallows, fold with spoon. Now add this mixture in greased square cake pan, spread evenly and place in fridge until set, sprinkle icing sugar and cut it in to slices and enjoy.
rocky road crunch


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