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Lose Weight Without Starving


Lots of people cannot resist their food habits and they believe it’s hard to lose weight. But this diet that helps keeping fit for life is simple and great. We must try to lose weight without starving, this eating plan lets you satisfy your appetite with delicious foods, including chicken breast and poultry, fish, pasta, rice, potatoes and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Lose Weight Without Starving

Eat happy every day with this delicious and healthy menu!


  • Poached eggs with grilled tomatoes, 2 slices of wholemeal toast
  • Fruit with fat-free yoghurt


  • Tuna and sweetcorn with extra light mayo on a jacket potato and a big crispy salad
  • Fresh fruit, a small KitKat


  • Chicken breast with paprika potato wedges, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and heaps of salad or vegetables
  • A glass of skimmed milk

Diet and Treatment for Scalp and Body Pimples During the Summer by Dr Khurram


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