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Prepare the Skin Before Sunbathing

Prepare the Skin Before Sunbathing

Prepare the Skin Before Sunbathing

Prepare the Skin Before Sunbathing

Treatment for Sunburns on Face: Fast and Effective

Is it necessary to prepare the skin before sunbathing?

There is “no” preparation for the sun itself. That is, there is no planning before going on holiday to help you fight the harmful effects of sun. However, although the preparation can not replace sun protection will help you optimize your tan safely acquired.

shiseido UV protection

Do I have to take UV to prepare my skin?

No. Since although sessions UV color the skin, not thicken and do not trigger the production of melanin and precisely these two phenomena that increase the skin barrier. Artificially tanned skin is not protected at all from sunlight. Only a thick skin, a tan acquired may exercise reasonable and progressive as the first barrier of protection.
In the end, the defenses that brings tanning are very weak compared to the risk it poses to our health. These sessions do not protect against UV rays. Do not take this as an ally of tanning, but rather as an added beauty with which you will look great!

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food supliment in summer
Are food supplements necessary?

Some formulas based on selenium and vitamins A, C and E may help to regenerate skin during holidays and especially to fight against dryness. But beware; these capsules solar contribute nothing in terms of photo protection. You cannot skip protection when you’re in the sun.
These nutritional supplements can be taken to obtain an aesthetic result. Stimulate and prolong your tan, it will be brighter for longer. Choose food supplements rich in antioxidants that nourish the skin and leave more flexible, and initiates a healing capsules 3 or 4 weeks before departure to the sun. Ideally, take a lifestyle right: eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, especially red, which are rich in carotenoids (with anti-radical and pigments).

If the skin is exfoliated highlights the tan?

Exfoliates the skin for its aesthetic properties. It does not help us better, but you can highlight your tan to rid the skin of dead cells off the pitch.
Although exfoliation leaves the skin smooth and beautiful, does not have neutral effects. That is, each time you exfoliate the skin, the epidermis loses thickness and left more vulnerable to sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin from time to time, once or twice a month, maximum. Our goal is to look beautiful skin, smooth and tanned, but not destroy the protective barriers!

self tanners
What role do self-tanners?

The self-tanners do not protect the skin. As UV sessions, self-tanners provide a golden orange color and very nice, but actual contributions of melanin and protect us from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. So even if you use a self-tanner, it will not provide any protection against the sun.
Those who wish to get to the beach with a tanned complexion can be several tanning sessions before going on vacation. But never forget to always use a protective sunscreen and sun exposure to less dangerous times.

best time to lay in the sun
The best way to tan is to do it safely!

The only way to get the golden tan lasts is so reasonable, that is to take the sun … without burning! Since burned skin is the worst enemy of lasting tan. If not, you lose first layer of skin, which is filled with melanin.

On the other hand, to tan safely, avoid sunbathing between 12pm and 4pm. Sun protection is essential and the use of visors, shirts and sunglasses for children.

On vacation, to achieve that golden skin and good health, keep these two words: prevention and protection. And now, let yourself go … nothing more or less under the sun!


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