treatment for sunburns on face

We should always avoid sunburn although sometimes this energy comes suddenly. The redness, irritation, scaling, pain, swelling, unsightly blisters and sunburn may last 3-7 days and are extremely annoying. Sunburns are, in fact, acute inflammation of the skin cells, caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Many people are unaware that the chemicals that are put on the skin can cause inflammation once it is exposed to sunlight. When we are in the presence of sunburn, natural treatment for skin always help and provides refreshing and soothing effect to remove the burning and itching.
Here are some natural treatment for sunburns on face easy and handy.

Treatment for Sunburns on Face

  • Take 4 tbsp of tomato juice and 2 tbsp of fresh cream, mix and apply on face and neck for 20 minutes and rinse with cold
  • water. Follow this procedure for 1 week.
  • Mix milk and lemon juice, apply at night and wash next day in the morning, your sunbrun will be cured.
  • Make a paste of cornstarch or baking soda with water, apply on affected area and leave until your burning stops. Then rinse
  • it off.
  • Take chilled cucumber and apply slices on affected area or make a paste of chilled cucumber with the help of aloe vera gel or
  • cornstarch to make a thick paste.
  • Apply cider vinegar on burning area, after a few minutes apply coconut oil, you will feel relief.



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