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Prevent Yellow Nails: Best Homemade Tips

Prevent Yellow Nails

Prevent Yellow Nails

It’s important to prevent yellow nails, as few things can ruin both the beauty of your hands and nails to show a yellowish hue. It is a very common phenomenon, which can be a symptom of some skin and nail diseases, but that usually is usually the result of three bad habits: smoking (not only nails, but also the skin of the fingers), not eating a proper diet, and proper use of nail polish … or do without first setting a base that protects the surface of the nail.

Prevent Yellow Nails

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protect base for nails

If you your nails have turned yellow and did not leave the house without painting them with an opaque shade that hides its color, chances are you’re not as careful as you think. But … how can you take proper care of your nails?
When paint your nails, especially if you like strong or dark colors, the shape of the base is crucial. Always apply a base on a bare, which also helps the polish last longer and cover the nail evenly (avoiding the need to apply layers and layers) protects, preventing pigments and other chemicals present in the Nail lacquer on its surface are set altering its color. Get used to applying foundation if you paint your nails, even if you choose a light shade.

Another important thing if you want your nails to regain their natural tone, or do not want them to turn yellow, is to leave them to rest from time to time.

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lemon and hydrogen peroxide

In addition, we recommend doing a home treatment once a week: you just need a bowl of hot water, lemon and a little hydrogen peroxide. Pour a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and a squeeze of lemon in water, and dip your nails for about ten minutes. Then gently rub your nails with half a lemon: notice how they gradually begin to regain their natural tone.

soak nails
Soak them in apple cider vinegar and the yellow comes right out, remedy works like a charm.


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