Professional Beauty Tips

How do celebrities always have perfect hair, skin and makeup? With good advice and proper beauty routines. Here you have seven professional beauty tips and tricks that will allow you to make the most of your hair, your skin and your makeup with these tips you’ll be perfect.

Tested Beauty Tips Tricks: In English – Urdu

Professional Beauty Tips

Taming unruly hair1. Taming unruly hair:

If your hair tends to curl and you find it difficult to keep it at bay, try a mask. Apply conditioner before bed and leave it on all night. In the morning, your hair will be soft, manageable with no trace of frizz.

Keep your hairstyle
2. Keep your hairstyle:

If you went to the salon and you have great hair, when you go to bed, give yourself a high bun and secure it with bobby pins. In the morning, simply remove the forks and drop it. It will be perfect. To get that to last longer, apply just a touch of hairspray.

perfect lips
3. Always perfect lips:

Especially in winter, lips tend to dry and crack. To avoid this from happening to you, always carry (and using discretion) a moisturizing lip balm. Use it whenever you need it, and avoid moistening the lips with the tongue: this dries them out.

Tips for Dark Upper Lips: by Dr Khurram Mushir

eye makeup
4. Eye makeup, soft and sexy:

If you want to get a defined look but not too full, choose a black eyeliner for the upper lashes and a brown one for the lower ones. It never fails!

curved eyelashes
5. Even more curved eyelashes:

Before using the eyelash curler, heat it with a blow dryer or put it under running hot water. The heat helps the way you check more, and are much more curved eyelashes and beautiful.

custom color
6. Hydrating with custom color:

Do not need a new product, you just have to mix a little of your background with your moisturizer makeup routine on the palm of the hand.

Solar protection
7. Solar protection always:

Do not think that you just have to protect skin from the sun during the summer months, since 80 percent of sun exposure occurs in the non-summer months. Protect every day the most exposed areas like the face and hands. Thus, your skin will stay younger longer.


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