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Russian Salad

Russian Salad

How to Make Russian Salad

Russian salad, also known as Olivier Salad, is a traditional part of Russian cuisine, but is also popular in many other European and South American countries, and this special combination of ingredients brings a delicious taste to your food palate.


  1. Potatoes boiled and cubed – 3
  2. Carrots boiled and chopped – 3
  3. Green  peas shelled and boiled – 1 cup
  4. Cabbage chopped fine – 1 medium
  5. Apple sprinkle with a little sugar – 3
  6. Pineapple bits – 1 small can
  7. Fresh cream – 1 cup
  8. Plain Mayonnaise (bought or made yourself)- as required
  9. Sugar – ½ tbsp
  10. Black pepper and salt as taste
  11. Raisins soak in hot water and roast – ½ cup


  • Mix all vegetables and fruits in a large bowl.
  • Beat the cream with mayonnaise together with salt, sugar and black pepper and add in salad
  • Sprinkle the raisins before serving.
  • Pile on top of the lettuce and garnish with wedges of hard boiled egg.
  • Serve chill.


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