Simple Mehndi Paste Recipe:

Take 1/8 of a cup of our natural henna or desired amount. This amount should be plenty for 3 or 4 large designs or many small ones. Add a small amount of boiling water to henna powder in small wood or plastic bowl. Use old butter container or Tupperware because it also has a lid. Add 8-10 drops of the mehndi oil to mixture. Mix well until paste is of a consistency of toothpaste. Allow it to sit for several minutes as the powder absorbs the water, more water or oil may be added to obtain desired consistency. Making it thick will clog your application tip and making it too thin will not allow for good application to the skin and it may run. Just remember smooth toothpaste. If it is too thin, add more powder. It is our recommendation to allow the paste to sit for at least a few hours (covered), allowing the water, oil and henna powder to do its thing. Better yet, overnight. More moisture may be added to obtain toothpaste consistency.



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