Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer skin care Tips: Summer is in full swing, the rising temperature always brings skin problems with it, like rashes, acne, tanning, skin infection. Beauty experts advise many tips to protect our skin during summer. We have gathered some recommended summer skin care tips, which we hope will help everyone for a skin friendly and care free summer. Enjoy the summer;

Summer Skin Care Tips

Use Sun Screen:

We all know that limited sun exposures are really beneficial for our skin because it produces vitamin D. But I these exposures are prolonged, the solar UV radiation can bring hazardous impact to our skin. As we understand that, sunscreens are different from one another, so make sue to choose one which is most suitable to your skin type. Make sure that you wear sunscreen every day, apply sun screen 15 to 20 minutes before going out.

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Follow The Essential Routine:

Because of dry air outside weather becomes steamy and sweaty. In this kind of weather we have to pay special attention to our skin. Make a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing every single day, if you can do it twice a day it’s even better.



In summer exfoliation is a must. This will help to avoid dull skin. When we exfoliate, it helps to removes our old, dry and dead skin cells, which is a must for new skin cells to surface. It is recommended that we must scrub our knees and elbows at least once every week to remove dead skin. Here is a good home remedy, take a slice of lemon with sugar and rub it every other day to keep, this will keep your knees and elbows clean, it will also remove the tan.

Happy Feet:

Our feet are also become subject to sunburn just like the rest of our body. It’s also recommended during the day apply sunscreen on them and use moisturizer in the evenings.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Since summers is in full swing, it is advised to change our daily diet, beside drinking lots of water, we must adopt a special summer diet, which must have light and healthy food, that will help to achieve a cool mind and body. Eating fresh fruits and green vegetables will help to keep our skin hydrated. Make fruits and vegetables like spinach, cucumber, watermelons, cherries, plums part of your diet. These fruits contain nutritious, fiber, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals, which are must for our skin.


  1. These are excellent tips, especially for someone like me who has combo skin. Exfoliating becomes very important, especially when it comes to self-tanning 🙂

    • Sonam Sing, yes exfoliation is very important for the health of our skin. Thank you for commenting.


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