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The Door Hanger for Mom


Door Hanger for Mom


The Door Hanger for Mom is the perfect gift, whether it’s for her birthday or Mother’s day. She will surely appreciate this special gift, made just for her, whenever she needs a “time out” from the rest of the family and any work, in and out of the house, that she doesn’t feel like doing. With this door hanger, you can give her the ability to take a break any time she needs it. Try it out, the perfect craft that will make your mother’s day, and see that brilliant smile of hers when she sees it. This is the perfect gift for any mother.

The Door Hanger for Mom

You need:

  1. Purple Foam Door Hanger
  2. Teal & Black Craft Foam
  3. Tacky Glue
  4. Foam Hearts
  5. White
  6. Paint Marker
  7. Scissors


  • Arrange white and pink foam hearts to make flowers as shown in picture above.
  • Glue into place. Cut out a small circle in black for flower centers.
  • Cut small leaves out of teal foam.
  • Glue centers and leaves in place.
  • Write “Quiet Time for Mom” on the foam hanger.

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