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8 Tips to Reduce the Dark Circles

Tips to Reduce the Dark Circles

Tips to Reduce the Dark Circles:

When we compare our skin around the eyes with our other body parts, we find it very delicate, thin and soft.  Dark circles are always finding their place under our eyes. Dark circles occur to men and women, also to almost all age groups. Now question is what are the dark circles? Dark circles are that the dark discoloration of skin under the eyes.  There are many reasons why dark circles happen. Some of the reasons are lack of sleep, aging, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and unhealthy diet plan. Dry skin is also one of the causes, especially if the skin under the eyes is dry. In today’s modern life, too much of working on computer or watching television or hours and hours, playing video games for very long time. Sinus infection, seasonal allergies, pregnancy are some of the medical conditions which can cause dark circles. Here are some tips to reduce the dark circles which are very effective in treating the awful dark circles naturally. Follow these and let us know which one works best for you in treating the dark circles.

Vitamin E

Apply vitamin E oil on dark circles. Gentle massage of vitamin E will remove the dark patches of skin around the eyes.

Cold Metal Spoons

Take 2 metal spoons. Put them in the fridge to get cold, when cold take them out and now place the reverse side of the spoon on the dark circles. The cooling and soothing effect on eyes will help to remove the dark circles.

Sufficient Sleep

Sufficient sleep of about 7 – 8 hours will definitely removes these dark circles. Sufficient sleep stops it happening. it’s a must to have a proper sleep at night.


Almond Oil

Cream which contains almond oil is excellent to apply.  Almond oil not only nourishes the skin, at the same time it lighten the colour tone. For best results use it regularly.

Wash Eyes

Make a habit to wash eyes with warm water first and then followed with cold water. This process improves the blood circulation to your eyes and soothes it. It also cleanses dirt particles from eyes.

Smoking and Drinking

Excessive smoking and drinking alcohol are not only bad for general health. They both will weaken the collagen and cause the dark circles.

Apply Sunscreen

The exposure to UV rays causes premature wrinkling and sagging by weakens to our skin. Apply sunscreen around your eyes while you go out.

Moisturize Skin

Every night before going to bed, apply a good quality moisturizer on your face. It will provide the essential hydration to skin, which will keep it free from the dark circles.


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