Lipstick Tips

Lipstick Tips

One of the keys to get a perfect party makeup. For that, it is essential to use the products that make-up artists consider the basics of winter in our toiletry bag. Follow the makeup and beauty trends of this season. Remember, immediately after, that all eye makeup is highlighted with a good lip makeup. That’s why we recommend that you write down the tricks that we tell you how.

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Lipstick Tips

Lipsticks Tips

If you have thin lips:

If you have thin lips, our advice is that you opt for bright colours and not too dark. The latter will make your lips finer. Try to outline the centre of your upper lip and shade the lower one with a pencil of the tone of the lipstick that you are going to use. Put gloss on top so your lips look thicker.

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If you use permanent lipstick:

If you usually use permanent lipstick, decide for the profilers of the same tone. These lipsticks, resisting for longer, allow us to make up our lips slightly above their natural limit.

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If you want your lips to look natural:

For a natural appearance choose lipsticks close to the original hue of your lips. Keep in mind that there are women who have more pink lips, others more brown and others more pale. We must all enhance our colour and raise a couple of tones but if we want to achieve a natural effect we should not choose a range that moves away from our skin tone. We will choose matte finish lipstick and we will dispense with profilers.

If you use gloss:

The gloss is the third step of a complete lip make-up. First we will use the profiler, then the lipstick and finally the shine. The glossy finishes are trend this winter. In fact, we’ve already told you which is the lipstick that all the celebrities use this year. Do not discard to keep one in your showcase. Keep it very close because we are convinced that you will love it. Especially on your Friday nights.

A trick for a natural lip make-up:

If you want your lips to have a natural effect, regardless of the tricks that we mentioned before, we recommend that you take the lipstick with your fingertips. The transmission of heat makes the colours penetrate better and adapt better to our skin. It is the advantage of applying makeup to oneself.

The lipstick is not the final step:

When you put on makeup, do not think it ends with the lipstick. In fact, can it happen that you get out a little or do not get the desired finish? That’s what powders are for, which correct everything that has not gone well. Forget about “deleting” your failures with toilet paper. Cover them and avoid patches that end up making you start from scratch.

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