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Trick to a Perfect and Balanced Eyebrow


Trick to a Perfect and Balanced Eyebrow

A Balanced Eyebrow:

Eyebrows are very important on the face. Like the hair is the frame of the face, eyebrows are “part” of  the eye.   Today I bring you some tips for perfect eyebrows. If we are the bad hair on, you can create an effect of  eye dropped, or the feeling that we have a smaller eye than the other, or end up with a permanent look of wonder on his face!

Trick to a Perfect Eyebrow:

We are on the steps:

1. Ideal to shape the brow, we have to put a brush that goes from the nostril to the tear. This draws a line that intersects with the eyebrow, the point of intersection would be the perfect start of our brow.

2. The eyebrow will be drawn, naturally upward bow. The maximum height of this arch we can deduce whether the brush again placed in the nostril and, looking straight ahead, passing through our iris.

3. Finally, check the ends where the eyebrow brush. Put one end into the nostril and the other at the end of our eye. It is always preferable to start with a thick brow and goes tuning as we go toward the outside of the face. But without going over!

And to get a dream eyebrow, nothing better than filling it with a shade of the same colour as the hair of the eyebrow. I recommend you set BENEFIT, which is wonderful.

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