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Why are Boys Wilder and Girls are more Sentimental?

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Why are Boys Wilder and Girls are more Sentimental

Question is Why are Boys Wilder and Girls are more Sentimental? Girls are more talkative, much more thoughtful…boys, however, are usually governed by impulses, they are pure energy. Why are these differences?

It is clear that children have different interests: while girls enjoy playing everyday situations, boys prefer to participate in activities that require great physical activity (testosterone, the male hormone for excellence, is that they are “forced” to move much).

Different rates:

We also know that the development of the brain regions of boys is slower than girls, which does not mean they are smarter, but both evolve at different rates. These different conditions are, in part, responsible for the behavior of children.

We observed sex differences:

In language. girls have an easier time understanding and in fluency. They also best interpret non-verbal components of language (tone, gestures …).
In mathematical ability, simple arithmetic reasoning and management of spatial relationships is simpler for boys and for girls, the numerical calculation.
In coordination, boys are more nimble and quick in activities that require strength and big movements.
In manual dexterity, girls dominate before fine motor skills. That’s why they work best and learn the craft before to put on and take off their clothes and tie their shoes.
In memory, the girls learn immediately (songs, addresses …) and have more long-term memory than boys their own age.

Despite the existence of these differences in hormone levels and brain, many researchers insist that social conventions are more relevant to determining the behavioural differences by gender.

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The social influence:

Usually boys are expected to be more active and competitive and girls are excepted to be quieter and cooperative, and as such expectations are treated one way or another. However, not all children attend the same patterns of behaviour. That’s why everyone should try to meet their own needs.

The young must learn that each person is different and things that they may or may not do is a function of personal characteristics rather than gender, and this includes above all through daily experience, that is, watching their parents perform different tasks and participate in different experiences.

Stimulus good for children:

Regardless of gender, to stimulate the development and understanding of 5 years old kids, we must:

Talk a lot with them, encourage them to invent stories and teach riddles, songs, poems, tongue twisters.
Play dominoes, cards and games of matching and reunite families, to learn how to organize categories. Encourage them to make constructions of blocks and puzzles. Play tag, to balance, to walk on one leg. Encourage them to perform manual tasks: cutting, shaping, drawing. Ask them to remember the shopping list, your address and phone number, birthdays.

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