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Weight Loss Tips by Dr Bilqees Sheikh

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In this world, you will not find any person who doesn’t look smart and beautiful. Never mind men or women. Only makeup and expensive clothes are not enough to look beautiful, smart and toned body are also part of beauty. Many people use medicines and gadgets to lose weight, but those have side effects.

Better try some natural weight loss tips and take care of your diet. Natural tips take time but laster longer.

Dr Bilqees Weight Loss Tips

  1. Take skimmed milk every day.
  2. Take ginger tea or thyme tea every day.
  3. Have good body massage with any essential oil.
  4. Take 1 turnip everyday in breakfast, cut in cubes, sprinkle salt, black pepper and lemon juice, at least for 1 week. You will see the results after 1 week.
  5. Take 1 glass of warm water, add lemon, honey and cinnamon powder.


If you have joint pain or swelling in your joints, then avoid the last tip.
Weight Loss Tips


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