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Why Newly Married Couple fighting????

Why Newly Married Couple fighting????

The question is Why Newly Married Couple fighting? Marriage is considered a source of happiness, but in reality, it’s different. According to current survey most married couples survive one year without fighting, after that they start arguments and fighting. Because of these arguments, they both try to gain control because of that they don’t treat each other like before.

Why Newly Married Couple fighting

Before marriage, they think they will be the ideal couple and if they had communication prior to marriage, then it strengthens this belief.If they don’t have enough communication, they don’t know each other’s negative and positive sides.The newly weds who were sweet and humble in the beginning, now they start to see each other’s negative sides.According to a survey on this topic, newly weds can only stay sweet and humble for one year, then they start fighting.Why Newly Married Couple fightingWhy Newly Married Couple fighting


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