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Your Guide to Being 22 Weeks Pregnant

Your Guide to Being 22 Weeks Pregnant:

How do you feel at 22 weeks?

At 22 weeks, your baby now has the proportions of a newborn, although she’s still got a lot of weight to gain before the birth. Her skin still looks wrinkled because she has only one per cent body fat. Her eyes have now formed, too, although the iris isn’t coloured yet. Her pancreas, which will help regulate her hormones, is under development, too.
Your Guide to Being 22 Weeks Pregnant
Your baby’s brain is developing fast, and her brainwave patterns are now similar to a newborn’s – she’s developing the very beginnings of conscious thought. Scientists believe that at this stage, unborn babies already have a primitive memory, and some even think that they can dream. Certainly, she can already distinguish between your voice and your other half’s.


What’s happening to you

Physically, you’re getting steadily bigger. Your uterus will now measure 22cm from the top of your pubic bone, and you’ll probably have gained at least 6kg (a stone). From now on, you can expect to gain around half a pound a week, but try to keep your cravings under control – putting on too much weight at this stage puts you at greater risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.
The second trimester is often described as the honeymoon period, because you should be feeling fit and well. In fact, some women feel so good that their sex drive goes through the roof. Hormones can make you feel more up for it, and the extra blood flow down below can make sex better than ever. Other women, however, don’t want any hanky panky at all. Both are completely normal!

Normal niggle

Increased discharge is very common, caused by the extra blood flow to the vaginal region. There’s no need to do anything about it; just use panty liners if you’re feeling uncomfortably damp.

When to check it out

Clear or milky discharge is normal, but thick, greenish yellow, foul smelling discharge isn’t. This can be a sign of thrush or infection, so see your GP. Infections will need treating with antibiotics to prevent them passing to your baby at birth.

To do’ this week

if you working then take a leave from work.

Wow! Did you know…

At 22 weeks, your baby has hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, but they don’t contain any pigment yet – they’re pure white.

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