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Your guide to being 35 weeks pregnant

Your guide to being 35 weeks pregnant

Feel fat and frumpy or fabulous in week 35 of your pregnancy?
Your baby’s hearing is fully formed (although some aspects will continue to develop until about the age of 18 months), so if you’re talking to your bump he’ll be hearing you better than ever this week.


He also has a fully developed pair of kidneys and his liver is able to process some waste products. And, as he continues to gain weight and lay down fat, the wall of your uterus and abdomen will be more stretched than ever, letting in more light. He’ll be able to see this and he may develop a new, daily activity routine.

What’s happening to you

You’re probably feeling huge and tired – and possibly still breathless as your uterus is up under your rib cage. There’s less amniotic fluid now, simply because there’s more baby than ever! As your baby tries to move about in an increasingly confined space you may notice an elbow, head, foot or bottom protruding from your bump now and then – and it may feel uncomfortable when he kicks.
Your weight gain will probably peak now and your tummy button may pop out if it hasn’t already. Not all pregnant women experience this but if you do, putting a sticking plaster across can help stop it chafing.
If you’ve had low iron levels during pregnancy, you may find they start to rise again. This is because your body is storing iron in preparation for the normal blood loss you will experience at birth.

Normal niggle
Your hands and wrists may be feeling tingly and numb. This is quite common and happens as the tissues near your wrist retain fluid and swell up, making it harder for blood to reach your fingers. Reducing any salt in your diet and drinking plenty of water can help.

When to check it out

If you experience sharp pains shooting from your wrist up your arm as well as numbness and stiffness, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. This is when the nerve that travels through the tunnel of the wrist bones becomes compressed. Tell your midwife or GP who may be able to refer you to a physiotherapist and avoid repetitive tasks that can exacerbate the sore areas.

‘To do’ this week

Draw up a list of everything you’ll need for labour and birth and start gathering stuff together. If you don’t have everything packed, it will give you peace of mind knowing you have everything you need. Even if it’s your partner having to do a mad dash to stuff it in the bag later on!

Wow! Did you know…
At about this point in your pregnancy, your baby has expanded to a thousand times his original size!


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