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Flat Stomach: 6 Tips to Get a Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach: 6 Tips to Get a Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach

Most people with big bellies wish to have Flat Stomach, but think it’s almost impossible or very hard to have a flat stomach. Abdominal exercise like sit ups, crunches and many more other workouts which are specially designed for achieving a flat stomach are excellent. All these exercises are perfect for strengthening your stomach muscles. But on their own these exercises can’t really help anyone to lose stomach fat. To get those beautiful, sculpted belly muscles, you have to change your eating habits. Here are 6 tips to help you to gain that desired belly:

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1. An apple a day

Eating your fruits and veggies every day is one of the most effective ways to get a flat stomach. To improve your immunity and increase your fiber intake you have to go for 2-4 fruits and 4-6 vegetables per day. Apples contain pectin which helps reduce bad cholesterol. Also, apples are a natural hunger suppressant. So, apple a day is must for people who want to lose weight and get a flat stomach.

2. Increase protein intake

Protein is certainly important for ensuring you lose fat without losing muscle. Increase in protein intake can speed up your metabolism. Start your day by having 3-4 hardboiled egg whites for breakfast. This will speed up your metabolism in the morning, which will help to bring you to be closer to your fitness goal. Protein-rich foods take much more work to digest, absorb, metabolize, and use. This will burn much more calories and it will keep you feel full much longer.

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3. Water

Drinking enough water each day also helps in weight loss. Have a glass of water before eating helps you to be less hungry which will lead you to eat less. It’s common to mistake thirst for hunger. It’s a must to learn to recognize hunger and one of the best way to do so is to have a glass of water before every meal.

4. Say No to beer and soda

Beer and soda are the biggest enemies of a flat stomach. If you really want a flatter tummy, you will have to totally stop those drinks. Even seltzer water is bad for you. By doing that you will reduce bloating and calories which are big part of all soda drinks and beer.

5. Reduce your salt intake

Too much intake of salt, can make you suffer from bloating, which is not your fitness goal. Reducing salt intake, not only get you a flat tummy, it will improve your overall health as well.

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 6. Don’t eat late at night

Don’t eat anything 2 or 3 hours before going to bed. For some people it could be very difficult, but it’s important. Because, your metabolism slows when you sleep and it means you don’t burn any calories. There are many healthy bedtime snacks, but, it’s better to eat in the morning.

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