Famous Remedy and Diet to Increase Height by Dr Khurram

increase height

Everybody wants to be look taller than others.  People who do not have good height suffer from inferiority complex and low confidence. There are many ways to increase your height. Doing exercises is an effective way to increase a few inches. Stretching is a popular and logical way to increase height. Along with exercise, Remedy and Diet to Increase Height, it can be possible to reach a good height.

Remedy and Diet to Increase Height


  1. Choona (eible lime or pickling lime) – 10gm
  2. Water – 1 ½ liter


  • Mix choona in 1 ½ liter water, keep refrigerated and take every day 1 tbsp of this water mixture.
  • Also add raisins, dates, mushrooms, fish, yogurt, olives, kehwa and green tea in your daily diet.height tips in urdu


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