Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Exercise

neck and shoulder pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Exercise

The Head Roll

The Head Roll relieves stiffness in the neck and shoulders. The exercise consists simply of rolling the head slowly in a circle without missing an inch. When the spine is not aligned properly, you will experience tightness in the neck, shoulders or back. If this is the case, hold your position and breathe deeply to help the body return naturally to balance.

neck pain relief

1: Keep your spine straight and drop your head forwards, resting your chin on your chest. Breathe normally.

neck pain

2: Roll your head gently up and round to the right. Try to keep your ear as close as you can to your shoulder.

neck pain exercise

3: Continue the circle by rolling your head back. Relax the neck and throat and soften the face muscles, especially around the eyes.

shoulder and neck pain

4: Exhale and slowly roll your head to the left. Try to keep your shoulders down to allow freedom of movement.

yoga for neck pain

5: complete the circle by rolling your head down towards your chest. Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.


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