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7 Face Washing Tips: How to wash your face?

7 Face Washing Tips

7 Face Washing Tips

We all think washing our face is a pretty straight forward routine, right? For a fair wash, we just need a quick splash of water and some soap, and that´s it, it does the job. But did you know, every day we make some serious mistakes which can ruin the skin? For example, we buy an expensive face wash, which contains harmful chemicals. We should go for one with simple and natural ingredients. Here are 7 face  washing tips which can help in making your skin healthier.

7 Face Washing Tips: How to wash your face?

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1. The right Cleanser

Find the right cleanser for your face. The right cleanser does not strip away too much of your skin’s natural oils or healthy cells. Instead, it helps to remove dirt. Make sure it’s not too gentle or too harsh. If it’s too gentle, you will have to wash twice or scrub hard to cleanse thoroughly. If it’s too harsh, it makes your skin red and irritated or tight after drying.

7 Face Washing Tips

2. Overdoing It

Washing your face once or twice a day is very good, but any more than that can lead to irritated skin, which can lead to an overproduction of oil. Skip the cleanser at night if you didn’t wear makeup or sunscreen during the day. Only rinse with fresh water. It’s very healthy to give your skin a break from the cycle of products from time to time.

3. Use the right type of water

To a lot of us, hot water feels good on our skin, but remember that it can damage your skin’s natural protective oils, which leads to over-drying. For cleansing, lukewarm water is the best water. Lukewarm water cleanses effectively and gently.

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4. Exfoliating

Exfoliation is a must for your face. It’s a very healthy practice to remove dead skin cells. Sugar scrubs and fruit acids are a gentler pick. Two to three times per week is a max for exfoliating. To prevent pulling and tugging of the skin, use your fingers and not a washcloth or brush.

5. Rinse thoroughly

Make sure that you Rinse thoroughly. No matter if you have very little time in the morning or at night, when you are dead tired. If you do not rinse thoroughly, it results in residue buildup, which clogs pores and leads to dry skin. Make sure you do not miss the jawline, hairline, and nose. These are the most commonly missed spots.

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6. Moisturize

After cleansing, while your skin is still damp, apply moisturizer immediately. It helps to maximize absorption and seals in moisture. Use the same rule for serums and special treatment products. If you wait for your skin to completely dry, It will make it harder for the active ingredients to sink into your skin, which can cause skin to feel greasy or tacky.

7. How to us Towel

Remember the golden rule: always pat your face; never rub. Rubbing pulls your skin and puts your elastin at risk. Make sure you use your own towel. This way, you can stop the spread of bacteria on your nice, clean face. Designate a clean, soft towel to blot your fresh face.

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