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Dry Winter Skin Remedies: Natural Skin Care Tips

Dry Winter Skin Remedies

The wind, the cold and the heating that come from the hand of winter are enemies of your skin. Dry skin lacks fat and moisture, and has a flaky or scaly appearance. It is usually thin and even transparent, with few or no visible pores. Often dry skin feels “stiff” after washing. It can suffer from elasticity and flexibility.

Dry Winter Skin Remedies

Dry skin often shows irritation, scaly areas and cracks especially on the forehead and under the eyes. It’s time to take care of it now more than ever to prevent it looking frazzled or dry. Here we present some secrets, dry winter skin remedies and tips to avoid cracks, scales or that annoying itch.

In winter, you should use a moisturizer of optimum quality. Avoiding the use of water with soap on the face as it sweeps away with the normal greasiness of the skin and the use of a quality moisturizer. After the bath, take advantage of the pores dilated by the heat, place an good amount of cream. Also encompass fingers and cuticles because they are more sensitive in winter. Follow these dry winter skin remedies, accessible and natural.

Best Lotion for Dry Skin by Dr Khurram Musheer

Among the causes of dry skin we have:

Malfunction of sebaceous glands that do not produce enough fluids to lubricate the skin.
Excessive exposure to the sun, sea and pools and environmental dryness
Inadequate food and especially deficiency in vitamins and zinc.
Use of too aggressive facial cleansing products.

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